trainingWe are pleased to present the following courses to you for your church growth and also for the training of your pastors, heads of ministries, unit leaders, committee chairmen, church workers and newly appointed church leaders. Moreover, we have self employment and business ownership programme packages for those desirous of Firing their bosses and hiring themselves.

Christian Leadership Skills inc. has conducted these courses in the last ten years across the country to churches in over 85 denominations. The results have been immediate growth in these ministries. Our own Sunday worship attendance went up by 42% in two months, after one of the courses, Total Quality Services.

Leadership and Workers Courses
•  How to Make Sunday school More Interesting
•  Total Quality Services (TQS)
•  Ushers Performance Improvement Course
•  How to Double Your House Fellowship
•  Attendance
•  Evangelism Strategies That Work Today
•  Developing the Leaders within You.
•  Effective Leadership Skills in the Ministry.


Pastors/Ministers-in-Service Seminars
•  Breaking Growth Barriers (200, 400, 600, 1000)
•  Maximizing Your Ministry Potentials
•  Developing Fina1cial intelligence In the Ministry
•  How to Lead Your Church to Peak Performance
•  30 Ways to Increase Your Church Attendance
•  How to Increase Giving In Your Church
•  How to Turn Around Your Church Finances


Sell Employment/Business Seminars
45 Business Ideas You Can Do With Little or No Money
How to Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself
How to Make Your First Million
Developing Your Financial Intelligence
17 Ways to Invest
How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back
How to Retire Happily

Course Duration
Each of these courses require 5 hours to conduct (preferably on Saturdays 10a.m­4p.m or vigils) in your church premises or any venue as desired.

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